Concrete mixing plant

Daily capacity(8 hour) : 280m3

Machine power(KW) : 38.6

Shaping cycle(s) : 3400x2300x5140

Price (piece) : 


Machine description
JS750 concrete mixing plant is used for mixing of sand, stone, cement and water and other materials to meet requirements of concrete construction. Operating rules for JS750 concrete mixer:
♦ 1. The mixer should be palced in a solid place and supported firmly with a bracket.
♦ 2. Check each controller and parts of the mixer before starting,there should be no foreign body inside the roller.
♦ 3. Prohibited to pass or stay under the hopper when it is lifted,and the hopper should be fitted after work.
♦ 4. Forbidden to put the tools into the roller when mixer is running.
♦ 5. During on-site maintenance,mixer hopper should be fixed and power cut off.There should be worker monitoring outside when entering the mixer hopper.
Main technical parameters
Output capacity 750L Aggregate size ≤80/60mm
Feeding capacity 1200L Whole machine weight 5500kgs
Maximum productivity 37.5m³/h Unloading material height 1600mm
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