FL10-15 Automatic egg laying block making machine

Daily capacity(8 hour) : 14000pcs

Machine power(KW) : 18.6

Shaping cycle(s) : 10-15s

Price (piece) : 


Brief introduction
FL10-15 mobile automatic block machine is manufactured on the base of technical modifications of original brick manufacturing machines,has larger productivity than the other small mobile block machines.
1. Twice-vibrations of molding core(upper mold compression vibration and bed mold vibration) improved on the former one-time-vibration, achieves higher block density,shorter shaping cycle,and higher block strength.
2. Adopts electric walking and hydraulic turning,simple operation,everyone can learn how to operate.
3. All moulds adopts carburizing treatment to prolong service life.
4. Equipped with Siemens motor and imported reliable components to assure stable and high-efficiency working status of this sand brick making machine.
5. Doesn't need any kind of pallet,so it can save a large quantity of money.

Host machine main technology parameter
Shaping cycle 10~15s Vibration foce 50KN
Host machine power 18.6KW Mixer model JZC500
Pallet size no need pallet Rated pressure 16~25Mpa

Production requirement
Area 3000m2                                           Worker                                  
3~4 person                           
Concrete ground
2000m2 Distribution power 50KW
Raw material store workshop 600m2 Water consumption 10Ton/day
Office 60m2 Pallet quantity 0

Theoretical production capacity
FL10-15 concrete brick making machine can produce various hollow bricks, solid bricks and curbstone by changing moulds. The following bricks are some common brick types. Also we can customize brick moulds for you on base of your specific requirements.
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