FL7-10 automatic clay brick making machine

Daily capacity(8 hour) : 16800pieces

Machine power(KW) : 11

Shaping cycle(s) : 7-10

Price (piece) : 

automatic compressed earth brick making machine
Brief introduction of this brick machine 

FL7-10 is a fully automatic compressed earth brick making machine, and it has the following advantages:
1. Advanced molding technology
The vertical directional hydraulic high pressure molding technology are adopted by this machine, to make sure the excitation are concentrated on the mold, which not only increases the compactness of brick, but also reduces the noise of the frame.
 2. Short molding cycle 
This machine’s molding cycle is only 8-10s, and pressurized molding and finished products release are simultaneous, so the machine has very high production efficiency.
 3. Upgrade of performance 
The machine FL7-10 is the upgrade version of FL5-10, the machine performance and output are both improved.
 4. Precise mold 
Accurate line cutting technology are adopted in the process of mold production. Only by using high precise mold, the machine can produce high precise bricks, so the mold is the key components that cannot be ignored.

Technical parameters 
Control system                 
Weight of the host machine                            
Shaping cycle 7-10s Pressure  80Mpa
Host machine power 11KW Mixer model JQ500
Production capacity 16800pieces/8H Workers needed 4-6 person
Certificate  CE&ISO Molding area  1016*600mm


Production line 
This machine is composed of soil crusher, soil screen, JQ500 mixer, conveyor belt, host machine.
FL7-10 block machine production line

Block samples 
This machine can not only produce different shapes of solid bricks, but also can produce different hole bricks and U shape bricks, just by changing mold.
interlocking bricks
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