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How the PLC control system controls the brick machine?

 Now most of the brick machine are using PLC control system, PLC control system with its unique precision and efficiency attracted much attention. Let's take a look at how it controls the brick machine's production process.
(1) The key lies in the control of feeding, cloth and pressing
(a) Feeding: First judge whether there is material in the storage, if there is material, stir; if there is no material, first mix, put the well matched and stirred materials into the skip, and the skip runs to the upper part of the mold frame through the guide rail, and then start to spread.
(b) Cloth: The skip runs on the guide rail to the top of the brick mold to start screening materials, so that materials are scattered into the brick mold, and the skip returns to the original way after filling.
(c) Press mold: the skip will return to its position and start with vibration. The vibration device will vibrate at a slow speed, then vibrate very fast. Turning the inendence, the pressure head will drop to start, and press the brick, compacting the blank. When the brick pressing is finished and the head is raised, the brick pushing machine will push out the brick, the conveyor belt will start, the brick feeding machine will start, the brick will be cured and the next feeding will start.
(2) Process and flow chart of automatic control system of brick-making machine
(a) Press the start button, the timer will start, and the batching system and stirring motor will start. Stop after 5s.
(b) The feeding motor starts, the feeding door opens, the material is loaded into the trolley by the hopper, the feeding door closes after 2s, and the skip starts. After the skip runs through the track to the top of the mold frame, the skip door opens and begins to cloth. When the cloth is finished, the skip door is closed and the skip rewinds to the starting position.
(c) When the motor is started, the rotation frequency is first 10Hz and then 10s at 35Hz. The rotation time can be adjusted according to requirements. After the end of rotation, the pressing die drops and the brick pressing begins. The brick pressing pressure is set at 40Mpa. The oil pump frequency is set as 35Hz, when the pressure sensor detects that the pressure head is greater than 40Mpa
, the oil pump motor frequency changes to 10Hz.
(d) After the upper mould presses the brick for 5s, the upper mould rises, the brick pushing mechanical and electrical machine starts to push the brick onto the conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt motor starts to send the finished brick to the plate loader for maintenance and then circulation.

automatic brick making machine with PLC control system