Labor saving automatic separate block and pallet machine

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This machine can automatically separate the block and pallet, we always call it block cuber machine or block pallet separator machine.
1. The brick plate separation stacker is widely used, which can be applied to various bricks, such as concrete hollow block, color pavement brick, solid standard brick, porous brick, etc.
2. In order to meet the market demand and overcome the technical defects of the existing brick board separator in the market, the separator automatically palletizes and saves labor, and solves the labor cost of manual brick stacking in the brick factory. Through innovative research and development, a cement brick and block stacking machine with integrated function is successfully developed. The mechanical equipment can separate the cement brick after curing from the brick, and then stack the brick automatically When the brick machine is separated, the support plate is automatically stacked. In practical application, it combines the functions of automatic stacking brick and automatic stacking pallet, which greatly saves the labor cost and improves the work efficiency.
3. The machine is fixed in the workshop, PLC + touch screen intelligent control, strong current cabinet, console split design, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, dual hydraulic control oil circuit separation, action does not interfere with each other, double chuck work at the same time, greatly improving the work efficiency.
automatic separate block and pallet machine
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