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The advantages of FULANG hydraulic brick block making machine

The advantages of FULANG hydraulic brick block making machine : 

1.The compactness, dimensional accuracy and pressure bearing capacity of the unfired brick produced by the hydraulic brick making machine are better than those produced by the traditional design brick machine: especially in the structure, the steel is saved. In the pressing process, the noise is obviously reduced, which fully reflects the superiority and practicability of the whole design.
2.The hydraulic brick making machine is multi-purpose, and the main machine can produce a variety of bricks by changing different molds. In the production process, only the main motor is in working state for a long time, other motors are intermittent operation. The mold is made by precision work, so the block size is quite standard. Moreover, it is not only beautiful in appearance, but also internal quality due to the hydraulic design, which causes the external force to reach the limit when forming, so its density is quite high, which greatly improves the compressive and flexural strength of the block produced by block machine.
3.In order to get high-quality unburned brick, the maintenance after use is also an important action that can not be ignored. However, some users, in order to pursue high efficiency, greatly reduce the maintenance time, and bring negative impact on the free burning brick machine, so it is necessary to equipped a brick machine with certain maintenance function.
4.In terms of the structure of the brick making machine, the lifting and balancing device of the brick mould, the deceleration device of the brick making machine and the structural design of the brick mould are further improved.
5.The hydraulic cylinder of brick machine is designed and calculated systematically. Time has proved that the design using hydraulic cylinder as power source is reasonable. It can not only improve the stability of the system, but also easily realize overload protection. It overcomes the defects of limited travel, frequent replacement of parts, poor impact resistance and poor stability caused by the structure of crank slider driven by belt driven by motor in domestic and foreign non burning brick making machines and block making machines.
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