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Why we must use die carburizing technology in the production of brick machine mold ?

Die carburizing technology for brick machine mold.
Our company uses high-precision CNC machining equipment as the core technology, using advanced injection heat treatment process. So the mould gap between the upper and lower mould is uniform. Adopt the special combination mould structure, when the grinding tool appears wear, it can be convenient to replace the parts, and save the mould cost.
The production process of brick machine mold: material feeding -- machining -- heat treatment -- assembly -- closing mold.
Introduce the selling points and advantages of our molds in detail:
The first point: the material of our mold is Q345B(16 manganese), manganese steel is characterized by strong rigidity, pressure resistance and shock resistance.
The second point: in fact, the quality of the brick machine mold mainly lies in the processing and heat treatment, the brick machine mold machining uses line cutting technology, and uses high-precision CNC machining equipment as the core technology. Computer controls the whole process, to ensure its surface flatness, and reduce the error formed by the cutting surface, and make its size more accurate.
The third point: each of our molds is carburized. Some customers might ask, why our mold production cycle is long. I can be responsible to answer you this question, carburizing heat treatment of mold production time is 15 days or so. In order to guarantee its service life, we also need to use a carbon measuring pen to detect carbon uniformity and compactness, and final assembling and mould. Then a professional machine will upper die and lower die together. Finally, paint it.
Conclusion: After such a detailed description, you can probably understand why the mold quality of our brick machine is good but the production cycle is long.
Good mold is the heart of the brick machine. The life of the mold increased, the quality is good and wear less. The benefit is not far more than to spend the more than one or two thousand dollars. The wise boss will not only look after the immediate interests, will not coax cheap to buy a set of small workshop mold, because they all know to consider for the long-term development.  
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