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qt10-15 auto concrete block making machine

auto concrete block making machine

QTF10-15  is a fully automatic concrete hollow block making machine, it can produce different kinds of blocks by changing different block molds. The block mold shape is customizable according to customer's requirement. This machine is very popular in Kenya, Malaysia and so on.
This auto brick making machine has the following advantages:
1. With soft starting function, the starting current of the motor is reduced.
2. Realize synchronous operation of vibration assembly. The inertia problem of the motor during braking is solved and the energy saving effect is remarkable. Save 20-30% of your electricity.
3. The introduction of hydraulic proportional system of efficient components (more effective, more dynamic).
4. Special high temperature heat treatment process (the mold is more durable)
5. Broken arch quick feeding device (has a great advantage over porous bricks in that it makes feeding more uniform.)
6. Adopt frequency conversion motor and multi-source synchronous vibration system. The molding effect is better. The resulting brick has a smoother surface.
7. The guide column is made of ultra-high strength steel and coated with hard chromium for better torsional and abrasive resistance.
8. Import intelligent PLC touch screen (high degree of automation, easy to operate).