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1000ton 1300ton Pallet-Free Bidirectional Hydraulic Automatic Block Making Machine

 High efficiency pallet free automatic static pressure machine has following main features:
1. Static pressure forming, energy saving and high efficiency, no pollution, low noise. Adopt constant power variable pump to provide power source for the whole system, and the output energy of the pump is automatically adjusted according to the actual working conditions, and equipped with a more optimized hydraulic control system, so the whole machine is more energy-saving and efficient;
2. Equivalent two-way pressurization and high productivity: Adopts the equivalent two-way pressurization method (main oil cylinder pressurization, demoulding oil cylinder follow-up), so bricks produced are of density and good quality;
3. Rotary palletizer: the bricks cross each other at 90° layer by layer, and the stacking stability is good;
4. Advanced and reliable control system: Adopt closed-loop control technology(servo proportional valve, linear displacement sensor and servo motor), so control system has the advantage of strong anti-interference,  fast response, precise pressure and position control.