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A brief introduction of QTF6-15 automatic block machine

1.Advantages of this block making machine 

1. This block making machine model is a brand-new model specially designed for honeycomb blocks by our company. It adopts a semi-closed mesh feeding device to realize fast and uniform feeding and make the product reach high strength. This machine is especially suitable for the production of honeycomb blocks.
2. The feeding system is interlocked with the silo, and the silo and the silo door are automatically opened/closed during the feeding process to ensure the feeding volume, reliable operation, and suitable for long-term operation.
3. One brick machine with multiple functions; strong performance; use different molds to make a variety of products of different shapes and sizes, such as wall blocks, honeycomb blocks, road blocks and slope blocks.
4. The whole process of block making machine adopts PLC intelligent control and man-machine interface dialogue system, which is convenient for analyzing opportunity signals, fault diagnosis and parameter setting to ensure the best operation effect of the machine.
5. The vertical vibration is carried out by the hydraulic motor driving the vibration unit; the electro-hydraulic proportional control technology is adopted to reduce the peak speed and ensure the production requirements of different materials.

2. QTF6-15 block machine factory production steps:

1. The raw materials are transported to the batching machine using a wheel loader, and 1 worker is needed to transport the cement to the mixer, and from the cement silo by the cement screw conveyor.

2. The mixer mixes the materials, and then transports them to the brick machine through a conveyor. 1 worker is needed here

3. After the block is produced, receive the block and transfer the block to the stacker

4. Forklift: 1 worker is required to transport the blocks to the curing area.

5. Curing area: curing takes 10-15 days, then remove the block from the tray; 1-2 workers are required. After curing, remove the blocks from the pallet and use a forklift to transport the pallets to the pallet loader Blocks in the block storage area.