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A very competitive core product QTF4-15S automatic block making machine

Today I would like to introduce to you a very competitive core product - QTF4-15s automatic block making machine. First it is a fully automatic block making machine, through the PLC control system to control. Secondly, we have many famous brand partners in the world, such as Siemens, omron, schneider, mitsubishi and so on. The use of advanced vibration system and the latest hydraulic technology, can ensure that the brick molding effect is better, and the brick strength is stronger. And the machines are more stable.
It can use a wide range of raw materials, in addition to cement, there are sand, gravel, slag, fly ash, cinder, coal gangue and other industrial waste can be used as aggregate to mix into the cement to make bricks. And the shape of the block is variable, according to the customer's needs to change different mold to produce a variety of bricks. Application way is extensive: can be used as paving brick, plant grass brick, chain brick, kerb stone and so on, already beautiful and practical.
Its main form of vibration is platform vibration and hydraulic molding. Vibration frequency up to 2800-4500 rolls/min. The molding cycle is only 15-25 seconds, and the plate size is 900*680mm, so it has a very high product. So it's really your best choice. It's price is not high as the QTF4-15, and the production capacity is higher than QTF4-25.

QTF4-15S automatic concrete block making machine