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Basic working principle and advantages of QTF4-15 fully automatic concrete block making machine

 Basic working principle of this automatic concrete block making machine as following.
Feeding, pressing, pushing out the mold cavity, pushing out the products, these four steps cycle work.
The main motor drives the reducer to rotate through the belt on the belt pulley, and transmits the power to the pinion shaft through the coupling, and the pinion drives the big gear to rotate. The circular motion is transformed into the up and down linear motion of the beam by the crank connecting rod mechanism. The up and down movement of the crossbeam drives the car to move forward and backward, and at the same time completes the work of feeding and pushing the supporting plate. When the crossbeam is lifted, the main shaft cam pushes the down head body, transmits the pallet with finished products to the finished product area, and palletizes them directly together by palletizing. The skip car acts at the same time, and then feeds the die cavity again.
Advantages of this brick block making machine.
1. The cement brick machine adopts four bar guiding mode to ensure the accurate movement of the indenter and mold. Electromechanical hydraulic synchronous drive, the height error of the same pallet product is very small, and the product consistency is good. Touch screen and programmable controller PLC control, equipped with data input and output device.
2. The Bosch pneumatic vibration damping system of Germany is adopted to greatly reduce the noise during vibration and the adverse effect of vibration on the equipment, making the equipment more stable and reliable. Make full use of the effective vibration and transmit the vibration force to each part of the mold box evenly, which can greatly improve the product density and the service life of the mold box.
3. The material supply is controlled by computer to avoid external and internal pressure, and ensure the uniformity of material supply, so that the strength error of products is very small.
4. Distributor: the sensor and hydraulic proportional drive technology is adopted by this cement brick making machine to force centrifugal discharge under the action of swing type distribution truck, and the distribution is fast and uniform, which is especially beneficial to thin wall multi row hole products.
5. The technology of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration is adopted to make every cycle process of equipment operation consistent, thus forming products have high stability and low reject rate.
QTF4-15 fully automatic concrete block making machine