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Brief classification of brick making machine in China

Now in Chinese there are two kinds of brick making machine, which are classified according to the brick material. If most of material is cement, sand, fly ash etc. we usually call this kind of machine concrete block making machine. If most of material is clay, we usually call this kind of machine interlocking brick making machine. Pay attention to my words, what I say is most material, so you can add other material according to your requirement. For example, for the interlocking brick, in addition to clay, you can also add some cement and sand to increase the strength and hardness. For the concrete block, you can also add some comminuted household rubbish.
We have different kinds of concrete block making machines. According to different production capacity requirement and price, we can provide different scale of brick making machine. Normally we will ask our customer for the detailed requirement and their budget, then recommend a suitable brick machine to them. 
So welcome to contact us! We will give you detailed and professional suggestion. 
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