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Congratulations to our Chile customer, he will receive his QTF4-18 block machine soon.

Congratulations to our Chile customer, he will receive his block machine soon. The machine he ordered is QTF4-18 fully automatic concrete block-making machine.  This is a middle-size automatic concrete block machine.  

PLC control system block machine

Every working step for this block machine is controlled by a PLC control system.  From start working to carrying the finished blocks, all steps are controlled by this one PLC control box. You just need to press the button, and the block machine will work smartly. Furthermore, it can diagnose the fault in the working process, and adjust by itself or stop working to prevent further harm to the block machine. 

Hydraulic concrete block making machine 

This concrete block machine combines the hydraulic pressure system and vibration molding system to get a more perfect molding effect. So the concrete block produced by this QTF4-18 has a more perfect surface and higher strength.  The block density is higher than the block produced by the pure vibration molding system block machine.  The strength is higher after curing compared with the normal concrete block.

Line cutting block machine

This concrete block machine adopts line cutting technology. This is an advanced cutting technology adopted in the making process of block mold.  This technology is the high tech in the world. The main purpose is to confirm the precise size of block molds. Only make sure the precise block molds, the block making machine can make sure the precise concrete blocks, especially the concrete interlocking pavers. Otherwise, when we use the interlocking blocks, it will very difficult to lock them together. So for the interlocking paver blocks, we suggest you must buy the line cutting block mold. Don't just want to save some money and bought the normal block molds. It will cost more in the later using process. 

Carburizing heat treatment block machine 

This concrete block machine adopts carburizing heat treatment technology for every part. So the block machine structure is very durable. The service life is double compared with the normal block machine.