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Customers always come back to us after complicated comparison of different brick machines

There are always some customers come to ask us some brick machines price, but after we make the quotation for them, they vanished. But some months later, they reappeared, and contact us again, and want the block machine again. 
We don’t know why. Maybe after the customer asked about the price of the brick machine, he found that he was short of money and went back to save money. Maybe after the customer asked about the price of the brick making machine, he went to other suppliers of brick block machine to ask about the price, and wanted to compare the cost performance of more block brick machines from more suppliers. 
But after a complicated comparison, they almost all came back to us again. Even more, after a complicated comparison, they have a better understanding of our brick making machines. 
In the end, it will help to place an order in our company. So it has become a very good phenomenon for our customers can go to compare our brick machines with other supplier’s. 
Unburned brick machine is a brick making machine for producing unburned bricks, that is, bricks can be used without burning.
FULANG brick machines are brick making equipment designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of the same kind at home and abroad and the needs of the market. No burning brick machine has compact structure, strong rigidity, large pressing force, fully sealed dust-proof, circulating lubrication, high output, simple operation, variable speed feeder, large power transmission, accurate positioning and stable operation. The important is durability. By contrast, its advantages are obvious. And FUALNG machine’s customization ability is stronger and more flexible.
FULANG brick machine