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FL2-25, a simple brick production line with low price and extra discount

If you are a first-time entrepreneur in brick manufacturing and have a limited budget, I would recommend this machine to you. 
FL2-25, a simple brick production line with low price, have so many advantages, which are very suitable for a small brick manufacturing factory or personal use.
♦ 1. No need installation: can be used directly once you receive the machine.
♦ 2. Easily to operate: hardly any training is required.
♦ 3. Cost-effective: low price with high quality.
♦ 4. Customizable: the brick mold is customizable, so it can produce different kinds of bricks just by changing different mold easily.
♦ 5. Semi-automatic control: It only needs 2-3 workers for the whole production line. The cost of production has been greatly produced.
♦ 6. Hydraulic molding system: advanced hydraulic forming technology to confirm the brick produced with high quality and perfect brick surface.
simple brick production line

brick shape