FL2-40 earth paver block manufacturer machine

Daily capacity(8 hour) : 1920 Pcs/8 hours

Machine power(KW) : 0

Shaping cycle(s) : 30-40s

Price (piece) : 

 manual brick making machine

The instruction of FL2-40
1.FL2-40 is a manual clay interlocking brick making machine.It is the upgrade of FL1-40.  It can produce two pieces brick per cycle. The capacity is twice of FL1-40(1800-2400 pieces per cycle).

2.FL2-40 is manual brick machine, it is no need electric power.

3.Its mould adopt precise line cutting technology and carburzing heat treatment technology. They can guarantee the brick moulds have better performance and longer service time. 

4.FL2-40 can produce different kinds of clay interlocking bricks by changing the mould. For example, U shape brick, two holes bricks, half brick etc. 

5.Bricks are interlocking so there is no need for mortar when building.

6.It is quick in product forming, high in product density and strong in pressing power. After remolding, people can stand on the brick .Consumption of materials can be reduced.

 Main technical paramete



 Weight  300kg

Shaping cycle

 40s  Pressure 10Mpa

Host machine power

 Hand press
 Mixer model
JQ350 or smaller
 Pieces/Mould  2 Capacity 1920 Pcs/day
Mixer Model JQ350 or smaller

Standard block size


brick making machine details
bricks samples
In addition to these types of bricks, we can also produce different molds according to the different needs of customers.


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