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FL4-10 interlocking clay brick machine ready to be shipped to Cambodia

FL4-10 clay interlocking brick machine has finished production and quality test, and ready to be shipped to Cambodia. Congratulations to our customer, he will receive his soil brick machine soon. 
FL4-10 is a very popular clay brick making machine. It can produce 4 pieces bricks at one time. The brick shape can be customized according to your special requirement. We can adjust the machine according to different production capacity, and add or decrease some functions according to your requirement and your budget. We provide professional assistance for your purchasing brick making machine, and some areas people call it compressed earth block making machine, or mud block molding machine, etc.
This brick machine adopts hydraulic compressed molding mothed, and the pressure can up to maximum 300 tons. You can choose the pressure from 50 tons to 300 tons according to your requirement for your brick molding effect and production capacity. 
FL4-10 interlocking clay brick machine