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FL6-30 mobile concrete block making machine ready to be shipped to Portugal

 FL6-30 mobile concrete block making machine ready to be shipped to Portugal. Congratulations to our Portugal customer, he will receive his machine soon. 
This mobile concrete block making machine has so many advantages compared with the stationary block making machine. 
First of all, Low energy consumption.
FL6-30 mobile concrete block making machine
The mobile brick machine can save more than 70% electricity than the stationary brick making machine with the same output. 
Large output. The production capacity maximum can reach 15-20 seconds to produce one mold.  This movable cement block making machine can produce 18 pieces hollow blocks of 400X200X200 mm per mold, and the standard brick of 240X115X53 mm can produce 90 pieces per mold, so this brick making machine absolutely can meet the needs of mass production. 
The noise is low. Because the mobile brick machine adopts the high-frequency mode vibration technology, which is different from the stationary machine shaking table technology ( shaking table technology refers to that the vibrator is directly placed on the main block making machine, the vibrator vibrates the body, the body transmits the vibration to the supporting plate, and the supporting plate transmits the vibration to the mold ). The vibrator of the mobile brick machine is directly installed on the mold, and the mold are only vibrated when working. The vibration damping rubber spring and damping steel spring are used to isolate the main engine, so the noise is very small, so that the dialogue between the workers on site can be listened clearly. The noise of the machine can hardly be heard 200 meters away from the open field.
Fourthly, Less labor and simple operation. The machine is simple and easy to learn, and can be controlled perfectly by only one instruction manual. As long as there is material in the hopper, the machine is like an automatic wheat harvester, and one person can complete the work of cloth, pressing, demoulding and walking. The machine can walk forward at the time set by itself and stop the production of the next mold like chicken laying. So it has a nickname called egg laying machine.
Fifthly, Energy saving and environmental protection, without pallet.
We all know that the stationary brick machine needs supporting plate. Normally we spend 5000 USD to buy a brick machine and 3000 USD to buy a pallet. Moreover, the service life of the pallet is limited. So it is not a small expense to replace the pallet, which wastes resources and is not environmentally friendly.
Sixthly, electric walking, 360 ° steering mode.
How can such a big brick making machine turn? We use hydraulic steering, which can make the machine 360 ° in-situ direct tank type turn, because we have more than 20 years of experience in the production of mobile brick machine, and the technology is quite mature. Customer absolutely don't need to worry about the problem of moving brick machine turning around.

mobile cement block making machine