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Feedback from Indian customer about using FL7-10 auto interlock brick machine

customer feedback about using FL7-10 auto brick making machine
This is the feedback picture from our Indian customer, he is very satisfied with our FL7-10 automatic clay brick making machine and have started his production. We are look forward to a further cooperation in the future. Our customer also sent a video about testing the brick strength: you can click here to share the video: customer feedback. 
FL7-10 is an automatic interlocking brick making machine, and it’s a hot sale product for its unique advantages, such as its advanced hydraulic molding technology, high quality body frame, durable and accurate mold, 360 degree arch material feeding system, high production capacity, Imported original accessories, such as Siemens motor, Mitsubishi control system, an so on. More detailed information about this machine, please click here to get: FL7-10 auto brick making machine.