Fly ash brick machine

Daily capacity(8 hour) : 8640-55440 Pcs/8 hours

Machine power(KW) : 29.1KW

Shaping cycle(s) : 10-15s

Price (piece) : 

Full line components:

1. Host machine    2. PLC control    3. Color material feeding machine   4. JS750 Concrete mixer    5. Mould    6. 
Automatic stacker
7.Conveyor belt(6 meters)    8.PLD1200 batching plant

Brief introduction
QTF8-15 automatic brick machine full line includes host machine section,batching section,and stacking section,capable of making hollow block,solid block, curbstone and color paver with color material feeding machine.
1. This block molding machine adopts PLC control and lots of sensor to achieve high accuracy and convenient operation.
2. Using vertical directional vibration and multi axis rotary material feeding,achieves short molding cycle and high production efficiency,and the blocks produced by this fly ash brick machine are of high density and accuracy.
3. Mould and table synchronous vibration plus high pressure (as high as 100T),high speed hydraulic cylinder,production quality is highly increased.
4. Unique design of the material storage system,low frequency charging, high frequency forming,the bblck density is high and even.
5. Automatic diagnosis:random computer automatic fault diagnosis system helps in time troubleshooting,with remote control system,the troubles are easily detected and dissolved.

We sell lots of QT8-15 automatic block molding machine every year,it is definitely a good choice to invest on this machine.
Host machine main technology parameter
Shaping cycle 15~20s Vibration foce 60~80KN
Host machine power 29.1KW Mixer model JS750
Pallet size 980x900x30mm Certification CE&ISO

Production requirement
Area 4000~6000m2                                           Worker                                  
Workshop 200m2 Distribution power 100KW
Raw material store workshop 600m2 Water consumption 10Ton/day
Office 60m2 Pallet quantity 2000

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