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How to choose a lubricating oil for your brick machine

As the name implies, lubricating oil is a kind of liquid oil or semi-solid lubricant that plays a lubricating role. It is essential for all mechanical equipment. Its main function is to reduce friction and prevent rust. In addition, it can also play a role in cooling the machine.
So it is very important for a machine to choose a suitable lubricating oil. Good lubricating oil can help cement brick machine to relieve the pressure brought by long-term operation, help cement brick machine to coordinate fuel consumption and reduce friction, so as to extend the service life of brick machine. So what should we distinguish the quality of lubricating oil?
♦ The evaluation of lubricating oil is mainly from three dimensions. One is viscosity, the other is heat resistance, and the last is oxidation resistance.
First let's talk about the viscosity of lubricating oil. The higher the viscosity of the lubricant, the lower the fluidity, so it will take longer to enter the contact surface. The cooling property is also poor, and it is not easy to clean. But the sealing is good. Too small viscosity of lubricating oil can not form a reliable oil film, poor sealing, can not maintain lubrication, parts will cause wear, so can not protect the parts of the cement brick machine. Therefore, we must choose the lubricating oil with moderate viscosity.
♦ Let's talk about the importance of temperature resistance of lubricating oil. After the cement brick machine has been running for a long time, the maximum temperature of the lubricating oil can reach about 300 ℃, which requires that the lubricating oil can still have enough viscosity at such a high temperature to ensure the lubricating effect.
In winter, the lowest temperature in some places can reach minus 40 ℃, which requires that the lubricating oil still has enough fluidity under such a low temperature to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
♦ Finally, let's talk about antioxidation. The lubricating oil is easy to combine with oxygen at high temperature, so it is oxidized and deteriorated, which makes the lubricating oil lose its function, which will lead to engine failure. Therefore, enough antioxidants should be added to the lubricating oil to avoid oxidation deterioration.

These are the methods I share with you today about how to choose lubricating oil. Hope to help you readers.

How to choose a lubricating oil for your brick machine