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How to turn construction waste into treasure by brick machine

 Construction waste recycling by brick machine production line is not a new topic now. Today's hot little editor will share how to turn construction waste into treasure. What magic techniques does it employ?
Introduction to construction waste Treatment equipment:
Construction waste treatment equipment is convenient and fast, and can realize the crushing, screening and removal of construction waste. Sorted construction waste is removed by special iron removal equipment. After being broken by coarse, medium and even fine crushing equipment, it is processed into reclaimed aggregate with certain grain size. Finally, it is applied to roadbed stone, unfired brick and cement additive.
Applicable materials: slag, concrete block, crushed stone, brick and tile, waste mortar, mud, asphalt block, waste plastic, waste metal, waste bamboo and wood, etc.
Input materials: construction waste mixture consisting of road concrete block, asphalt concrete block, old block, construction waste, etc.
Export products: iron, steel, impurities, plastics and various specifications of masonry. All sieving materials are finally used for road foundation, unburned brick, cement admixture, etc.
Application of construction waste treatment equipment:
Crushing and sieving of concrete fragments, bitumen blocks, bricks, stones, wood, plastics, gypsum, mortar, steel and non-metal. And block making machine.

Description of construction waste treatment process:
The raw materials of construction waste are crushed by feeders into a crusher. The crushed material is transported by a belt conveyor are designed according to customer requirements. Among them, 5-10mm and 10-15mm materials are treated with light materials before discharging, and > 15mm materials are broken again to form a closed loop cycle.
1. Centralized treatment of fixed construction waste treatment system
The so-called centralized treatment is to collect construction waste in a specific place for classified treatment. According to the market situation reflected by customers, one is fixed complete crushing equipment, the other is mobile crushing and screening station combination equipment for easy transport.
The fixed crushing equipment assembly consists of a set of aggregate production line, including jaw crusher, impact crusher (or cone crusher), sand making machine, vibrating screen, conveyor, etc. The concrete, brick and stone in construction waste are treated to realize the reuse of resources. 
2. Disperse processing mobile crushing and screening station
With the development of mobile crushing station technology, We have realized the free combination of all kinds of mobile crushing station equipment. According to the actual needs of customers, mobile crushing station products are standard type, closed circuit type, single model, multistage combination and other ways.
The best use of construction waste is when it is smashed and rebuilt into bricks by brick block machine.