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Is the hydraulic pressure the only factor affecting the strength of bricks ?

For many friends who have just come into contact with the burning free brick making machinery industry, there is no stronger concern than the strength of bricks produced by hydraulic brick machines. The first feeling of hearing the word "hydraulic" is that the pressure is high. Most people think the higher pressure the machine has, the higher density and strong bricks it can produce. They always take the hydraulic pressure as the only factor. This is the understanding of friends who don’t have a deep understanding of hydraulic brick machine. But whether it’s right or wrong?  Today we will tell you something about it.  

Hydraulic brick machine, as its name suggests, uses hydraulic system to control the pressure of bricks produced by unfired brick making machines, so that the strength of the bricks can reach the standard. Can the hydraulic system really determine the strength of the bricks? The production process of bricks may be of various types, not only to ensure the pressure and compactness of the bricks, but also to maintain the design shape of the bricks. If the wall thickness of the hollow bricks is considered, then the problem comes. The higher the height of the brick, the thinner the wall, and the more difficult it is to place the raw material into the mold for dispensing. This is not only a matter of pressure, but also how to place this material evenly into the hydraulic hollow brick mold box. At this time, the vibration box at the bottom of the hydraulic brick machine is inseparable. The vibration box at the bottom of the lower mold can realize the raw materials under the vibration box of the vibration box of the hydraulic hollow brick machine, and vibrate the box at the bottom, so that the brick production materials can enter the mold more uniformly. Due to the longer vibration time of the vibrating box, the density of the raw material will be more compact with the vibration frequency, which is equivalent to indirectly providing the unformed brick with a certain density for the next step. Lay the foundation for hydraulic systems for more compact brick production.

In short, the hydraulic system of the brick machine and the distribution system of the vibration box and the hydraulic hollow brick machine need to be coordinated to achieve the compactness and strength of the produced brick.