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QTF10- 15 top hydraulic concrete block making machine

full auto block machine  
QTF10- 15 top hydraulic concrete block making machine is a kind of auto block making machine machine produced by our company. 
Mainly used in buildings, bridges, roads and so on. 
Replaceable moulds can be made into solid blocks and hollow blocks. 
1. Pneumatic components, electrical components, operating components are the use of the world's advanced brand-name components. 
2. The utility model has the advantages of strong structure and convenient installation and maintenance. 
3. The opening and closing die is controlled by high pressure double crank. 
4. Precision wire cutting technology and Carburizing technology can prolong the life of the die and improve the accuracy of the block. 
5. Adopt famous brand PLC and motor to ensure the durability of the machine. 
6. Automatic paver block forming machine adopts hydraulic forming system, the working state is more stable and the efficiency is higher. 
7. The blocks produced are of better quality, higher density and higher strength. 
Automatic block forming machine can replace moulds to produce all kinds of solid blocks, hollow blocks, pavers and kerbs. 
8. The switch will use Japanese OMRON or French Schneider belt, and the motor will use Siemens or ABB brand. 
9. Highly automatic and intelligent operation