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QTF15-15 automatic concrete block making machine

 QTF15-15 automatic concrete block making machine has the following advantages :
1. Variable frequency control technology is adopted to control the fabrication of blocks:
① Frequency conversion control: ensure the accurate parallel movement of tamping head and die, and protect the product from deformation; Improve productivity by improving vibration efficiency;
② Power saving: 30%;
③ Control the instantaneous start and stop of the motor to prevent the motor from overheating due to continuous operation;
2. Heat treatment of main parts of mould and machine:
① Hardness reaches HRC 52-58;
② Heavy machinery structure and wear-resistant die;
③ The service life of the machine is greatly improved by 50%.
3. Use German Siemens PLC control system and Siemens touch screen, Schneider and OMRON relays and contactors:
① Siemens PLC has strong adaptability and ensures the stability and reliability of the machine.
② Schneider and Omron's high-quality electrical components;
③ Visual touch screen, easy to operate;
4. 360 ° multi axis rotation forced feeding:
① This uniform feeding is suitable for different kinds of raw materials and molds;
② Fast rotating feeding and uniform mixing ensure that the density and strength of the product are guaranteed
5. Use double high dynamic proportional / directional valve to automatically adjust oil flow and pressure
① Ensure stable production;
② Buffer the hydraulic cylinder to prevent inertia from damaging the hydraulic cylinder;
This block making machine is concrete block production line. You can choose all the accessories according to your requirement.