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QTF4-18 Simple concrete block machine line

QTF4-18 is an automatic concrete block making machine. But it is not as large as the QTF10-15 or QTF12-15. It is a middle-size automatic concrete block machine. So its production capacity is not as high as the big concrete block production line. But apart from this one, the others basically have all the functions. 

It is a concrete block-making machine. 

This machine is used to produce different concrete blocks. For example, hollow blocks with one hole, two holes, and more holes. For example, interlocking pavers with different surface colors, and different interlocking shapes.  For example the curbstone with different sizes. 

It is an automatic block-making machine. 

It is equipped with different accessories to make a block production line. For example, JQ500 concrete mixer, material convey belt and block stacking machine. Most customers will choose to buy a production line. Because a simple concrete blocks production line will have a very high working efficiency. Of cause, you can choose the host machine only, if your budget is not enough. You can just use the hose brick machine. After you gained some money, you can buy additional accessories.

It is a hydraulic block molding machine.

This block machine adopts a hydraulic molding system. The molding effect is very good. No matter the interlocking pavers, hollow blocks, curbstones, their strength is very high. The service life is very long. This machine adopts the adjustable hydraulic cylinder. It can adjust itself when producing different blocks. The production capacity depends on the molding area, hydraulic pressure, and block size. 

It is a simple concrete block production line.

This QTF4-18 simple concrete block production line is the most cost-effective model. For most of our concrete block-making machines, this block machine has so many above advantages. Its price is not very high, but its function is very full.