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QTF4-18 concrete block making machine ready to be shipped to Chile

Congratulations to our Chile customer, this QTF4-18 is ready to be shipped to Chile. He will receive his concrete block making machine soon 
1. This block machine equipment is a comprehensive process equipment controlled by mechanical hydraulic PLC. It is characterized by high efficiency, easy operation and easy maintenance. Mechanical concrete block making machine is mainly assisted by hydraulic pressure and vibration and presses to complete block forming.
2. High degree of automation, intelligent electronic control, the automation process is controlled by advanced PLC (input controller), data process input controller, and other module touch screens, with ideal and flexible man-machine interface.
3. The design and manufacture of this brick making machine meet the requirements and standards of "Making Machines with Industrial Blocks"
4. The raw material has strong strength and adopts advanced stepping vibration forming technology. According to various adjustment measures. Use all kinds of waste slag to reasonably reduce the amount of cement to make various high-quality load-bearing or non-load-bearing blocks.
5. The hydraulic pressure of this block making machine is good, and the hydraulic system preferentially adopts technology and improved process design. Independent hydraulic station. Avoid the impact of ceramic integrated vibration on the hydraulic system.  
QTF4-18 concrete block making machine