QTF6-15 automatic concrete block making machine

Daily capacity(8 hour) : 8640~10080pcs

Machine power(KW) : 29.1KW

Shaping cycle(s) : 10-15s

Price (piece) : 

automatic block making machine
Brief introduction
QTF6-15 automatic concrete block making machine is improved on the basis of old fly ash brick making machine QTF6-20,adopts optimized design,reasonable structure,forced material feeding and pressure acceleration vibration.It is one set of efficiency, economy brick making machine.

1. PLC programming control, full production automation, but can also be manual controlled, the operation is simple and efficient.
2. Using four-bar-oriented method and ultra-long-oriented bearing,precise movement of the mould and press head could be guaranteed.
3. This hollow blocks making business machine body adopts pecial welding technology and super steel,stable and durable.
4. Using imported computer, electrical appliances, seals and hydraulic components,the comprehensive performance of the equipment is stable and reliable.
5.Double head pressed, strong vibration, especially suitable for the production of high strength block up to 20MPa.

QTF6-15 automatic concrete block making machine can produce various hollow blocks,solid blocks,curbstones and pavers by changing moulds.The following bricks are some common brick types.Also we can customize brick moulds for you based on your requirements.
hollow block making machine
Host machine main technology parameter
Shaping cycle 15~20s Vibration foce 50~60KN
Host machine power 29.1KW Mixer model JS500
Pallet size 830x940x30mm Certification CE&ISO

Production requirement
Area 4000~6000m2                                           Worker                                   
4~6 person                            
Workshop 100m2 Distribution power 80KW
Raw material store workshop 600m2 Water consumption 8Ton/day
Office 60m2 Pallet quantity 1500

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