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QTF8-15 full auto concrete block making machine

qt8-15 auto brick block making machine
QTF8-15 QTF8-15 full auto concrete block making machine is the latest concrete block making machine developed by our company.
1. Raw material low frequency feed, high frequency vibration, pressure drum is strengthened, upper and lower molds are locked together during construction.
Adopt concrete material, add vibrator on mold, and install digital travel switch, because the machine pressure is high, adopt electromagnetic crushing motor, effectively eliminate after impingement. In the concrete exhaust 5-8 seconds after the compression vibration to make it full liquefaction, in order to achieve high density high strength, especially suitable for the production of high strength block.
2. The hopper is equipped with swing unloading device to evenly feed materials into the mold box.
Original hydraulic device, advanced random measurement control system, remote control and fault diagnosis. Make the two systems basically ensure that the imported electrical appliances run without fault
4. The mechanical adjustment of the movement of dozens of different products only needs to be selected according to the menu on the display screen and realize the automatic operation of man-machine dialogue.
5. A machine can produce a variety of interlock blocks. Can produce color brick (layer feed), brick, lock block, kerb stone, porous brick, hollow brick, standard brick and other brick/block.

fully auto block machine