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The technica advantages of QTF15-15 full auto concrete block making equipment

 1. Advantages of fuselage material:
The automatic concrete block making machine body is made of special wear-resistant steel nm500, which is compact and durable to ensure long-term use. Especially for the mold, which is the most frequently used wear parts, nm500 steel greatly prolongs its service life. Effectively reduce the service life of the mold.
2. Technical advantages:
① The high-efficiency Schneider hydraulic vibration suppression system, through the intelligent control of PLC imported from Germany, can accurately transmit the working information flow to each running part, so as to ensure the high strength and high quality of bricks produced. And PLC controller operation is simple and clear, greatly saving labor.
② The advanced frequency conversion amplitude vibration mode adopted by this auto block machine can not only make the non fired recycled brick have high compactness, but also save energy consumption.
③ Modular design, easy to install, repair and maintain. The separate modularization of the mould realizes the multi-function of the machine. Different types of bricks can be produced by changing different moulds. Greatly improve the controllability of the machine.
④ PLC integrated control with modular design, not only simple operation, but also greatly improve the degree of automation of the machine. A small control box can control the entire production line.
3. Environmental protection advantages:
With energy saving, emission reduction and green production as the guiding ideology, advanced brick block production equipment with environmental protection and energy saving advantages has been developed by  this automatic block brick making machine on the basis of drawing lessons from advanced technology at home and abroad. Make full use of all kinds of industrial solid waste as raw materials for brick production. At the same time, it solves the storage problem of garbage which is not easy to treat, and makes a contribution to environmental protection. Enterprises not only focus on interests, but also take social responsibility into account. The principle of the combination of enterprise progress and return to society has been realized.

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