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This month three sets of QTF4-25 auto block making machines were ordered

This month three sets QTF4-25 were ordered by our three customers from three different countries: Haiti, Philippines, Lesotho
Why it's so popular, lets see the following.
automatic concrete block machine
Advantages of qtf4-25 automatic concrete block forming machine
1. This is a simple and labor-saving automatic production line. PLC control system adopts Siemens original PLC, combined with self-developed mechanical control program, to ensure stable and efficient working conditions.
2. It is widely used in the production of hollow block, pavement brick, solid block, curb, revetment brick, straw brick and other molds.
3. All programs are controlled by PLC to realize man-machine conversation and equipped with import and export devices. Motor: we will use ABB brand or Siemens. Switch and motor: adopt French Schneider and Japanese Omron brands.
4. Mold: manganese steel, using advanced heat treatment equipment, to ensure a longer mold life.
Carburizing treatment can prolong the service life of the die, and the die can be used more than 100000 times.
5. Hydraulic system: Double proportion hydraulic valve, stable operation, long service life
6. Spare parts: random delivery, we provide appropriate vulnerable parts, after-sales service will be faster.

auto block making machine

auto hollow block machine