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Today one customer from Kazakhstan make a phone call to us

Today one customer from Kazakhstan make a phone call to us. He said he is from a trading company in Kazakhstan. He is helping one of his customers to buy a concrete block making machine from us.
Some questions, he is not very clear. 
First one, he ask us how many sets of free mold can be provided for one set of block machine.  
The answer is normally one set of block making machine just can be provided one set of free block mold.  If you want to produce many kinds of blocks, you need buy the extra molds. Normally, they are not free. Different block mold has different price according its degree of complexity.
Second, he ask us how much deposit do they need to pay before production of block brick machine.
The answer is customer need pay 40% of the total price as a deposit. The remaining 60% of the total price will be paid after the completion of production. 
The third is about the delivery method. 
Customers are free to choose their own mode of transportation, they can transport by themselves or entrust us to help transport.
At last, he ask us some details of this QTF4-18 automatic concrete block machine production line and the quotation details.
Welcome to contact us like this customer, our sales team will give you every detail. 
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