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Today we are going to see what is a hydraulic brick machine?

Today we are going to know what is a hydraulic brick machine?
Overview of hydraulic Brick machine:
Based on the hydraulic ceramic brick making machine, the hydraulic burnt-free brick machine is gradually used in the production of burnt-free brick. It was first used in the production of burnt-free brick, which started from grey sand brick, and then gradually expanded into other varieties of burnt-free brick, especially fly ash burnt-free brick and tailings burnt-free brick. In recent years, its application scope in the no-fire brick industry is still expanding. In the long run, it will become the leading model of no-fire brick production. Foreign hydraulic brick machine development earlier, Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries have a number of companies to produce a series of hydraulic brick machine products, sold to the world. But the price is higher.
With the continuous development of China's wall and floor tile production, in order to meet the production needs, we have introduced a large number of automatic hydraulic brick machines from Italy, Germany, Japan and other countries in recent years.
Firstly, the specifications, models and technical performance of the series of automatic hydraulic brick-making machines from several foreign companies are introduced for reference. Various countries have their own hydraulic brick-making machine structure form, have their own characteristics. The basic classification is as follows.
1. Picture of hydraulic brick making machine:
QTF10-15 fully automatic hydraulic block making machine
2. Hydraulic block making machine is classified by structure:
(1) Traditional column structure
(2) Telescopic rod type structure (welding type, cast steel type
(3) Overall frame and plate structure
(4) Flexible frame-type structure
3. Hydraulic brick making machine is classified according to the connection mode between main oil cylinder and movable beam:
Rigid connection between main oil cylinder and movable beam;
(2) Pressing cylinder and movable beam floating connection.
Various structural forms of hydraulic brick machine are described as follows:
The hydraulic brick machine adopts electronic computer technology, can automatically detect the fault parts of the press, facilitate timely maintenance.
4. Main features of hydraulic brick making machine:
The advantages of hydraulic brick machine are mainly described as follows.
(1) The pressure is stable, slowly pressure, so that the gas in the material after being compressed has the opportunity of full discharge, will not form a compressed air layer inside the body, to ensure the compactness of the brick body. Therefore, the production of high strength high performance brick, at present, higher domestic, can be used in large tonnage. Most of the best fire-free bricks are produced by hydraulic brick machine. For example, hydraulic concrete block making machine, hydraulic clay interlocking brick making machine. The high quality, good quality, which is the most prominent characteristic of the hydraulic brick machine.
(2) Due to its high ultimate pressure, pressure tonnage, even if the particle size of very fine materials such as fly ash, in the case of less coarse aggregate can also reach high density under high pressure. Therefore, the hydraulic brick machine is especially suitable for the mechanical brick machine powerless fine materials, this is its second outstanding characteristics and advantages.
(3) Easy to realize automatic control, precise action, especially suitable for supporting with microcomputer system. Therefore, the degree of automation of hydraulic brick machine is generally higher, foreign brick machine in this aspect has reached a quite high level, which is consistent with the inevitable trend of mechanical development.
Hydraulic brick-making machine through pressure regulating pump and valve, can be very convenient to adjust the forming pressure, speed and pressure time. It is also easy to achieve multiple and segmenting compression. Make the material schedule more sufficient. Therefore, the hydraulic brick machine is easier to achieve the requirements of no-fire brick molding process.