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Understand the working principle of hydraulic system of brick block making machine

The hydraulic system of brick making machine is one of its core working systems, and one of the core components of the hydraulic system is the hydraulic station. So today we'll take a look at the working principle of the hydraulic station.
The hydraulic station is an independent hydraulic power unit. It controls the direction, pressure and flow of the oil, and provides pressure oil to the system according to the requirements of the actuator. It is suitable for various hydraulic machinery which can be separated from the main engine and the hydraulic pump station. The user only needs to connect the hydraulic station with the oil cylinder or oil motor on the main engine with oil pipe, and the hydraulic machinery can realize the corresponding process action. The hydraulic station can provide pressure and flow according to the change of process action. It is especially suitable for the application where the production process changes periodically, such as the operation process of brick making machine.
The hydraulic station is an important component of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system is easy to realize the speed displacement and force control of linear motion. The hydraulic station of brick press has the advantages of large driving force, torque and power, good acceleration performance, high control accuracy, fast response speed and easy stability.
Balance circuit with one-way sequence valve. By adjusting the sequence valve, the gravity of the vertical moving parts is slightly less than the product of the action area of the lower chamber of the hydraulic cylinder and the opening pressure. When the piston goes down, because there is a certain back pressure on the return oil circuit to support the gravity load, when the directional valve is in the middle position, the piston stops moving, and only when there is a certain pressure on the upper part of the piston, the piston will fall smoothly. If the working load becomes smaller, the pressure of the pump needs to be increased, which will increase the power loss of the system.

Understand the working principle of hydraulic system, it is easy to understand the working principle of brick block making machine. For the use and selection of suitable brick machine has great help. Because the different output of brick machine for the performance of the hydraulic station demand is not the same. If the choice is not appropriate, there will be a problem of uncoordinated work of brick block machine.

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