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We need to pay attention to some matters when we use block brick machine

block making machine
On the use of block brick machine, we need to pay attention to the following matters:
1. On the supply of brick materials: as the cement is easy to coagulate into blocks after a long time of storage, the materials should be used as soon as possible and should not be stored in the hopper for too long. So a short production cycle is essential for an excellent interlocking brick machine or concrete block machine.
2. On the selection of aggregate: attention should be paid to the feeding material. There should be no large-size aggregate or other foreign matters mixed in the mixing bucket, especially the iron parts and other solid objects, which are easy to damage the mechanical parts of brick block machine.
3. During the first test run, it is necessary to observe the consistency between the thickness of the supporting plate and the height of the feeding groove. The length and thickness error of all supporting plates shall be kept below 2 mm to prevent the plate from sticking and damaging the plate feeder.
4. When the brick making machine is running, strictly prevent the sundries on the pallet. If there is surplus material on the pallet, it must be cleaned up in time, otherwise the mold frame of brick machine will not go down in place. At this time, the die frame and the feeding platform are not on the same plane. If the feeding trolley is feeding, the feeding trolley of block machine will be damaged. In addition, due to the uneven position of the die frame, the mold frame will be damaged in different degrees.
5. Items need to be checked frequently during use of brick block machine.
① During the production process, attention should be paid to whether the limit position of each process is normal and whether the screw is loose. In case of any accident, the machine should be stopped and adjusted in time.
② Check whether the sliding sleeve and the column are excessively worn. If the wear transition occurs, the alloy sleeve needs to be replaced to ensure that the clearance between the mold box and the four sides of the indenter is approximately equal, so as to ensure the smooth demoulding of the brick making machine.
③ The hydraulic system of block making machine should be adjusted to the rated pressure, the oil filter screen should be cleaned regularly, and the oil should be filtered at least once a year. Moreover, it is necessary to check the actual oil volume of the oil tank frequently, and make up if necessary to prevent the block machine from running for a long time under the condition of low oil volume. This will cause different degrees of damage to the hydraulic system of the brick machine.
④ In the process of using brick making machine, pay attention to check whether the bottom plate of feeding hopper is consistent with the plane of mold. Moreover, the upper and lower scrapers should be well adjusted to ensure that after the feeding hopper of block making machine is returned, the surplus material can be scraped back, and the sticking material on the surface of the indenter can also be cleaned. In addition, excessive wear should be removed and replaced in time. Otherwise, it will seriously affect the service life of hydraulic system and molding system.

No matter the concrete hollow block making machine or the interlocking block paver making machine or interlocking compressed earth brick making machine, the above precautions must be kept in mind when you using them. They will help you prolong your machine life to a long time.

block brick machine