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What is brick stacking device of concrete block machine

 What is brick stacking device of concrete block machine ?

The brick stacking device matched with the brick machine. It is a brick removal unit and brick transfer unit set. It is in the corresponding position of the brick machine. The brick-removing unit comprises a moment arm. This arm provided with a brick-holding structure at the working end and movable around the mounting seat on which it is located.

How it works with concrete block machine? 

The brick transfer unit comprises a brick stacking mobile transmission structure. There is a free power structure drive this mobile transmission structure. It is arranged in phase with the rotating track of the brick clamping structure of the mobile arm.
The device can completely liberate the current heavy manual stacking operation. It greatly improve the working efficiency, and improve the mechanization and automation degree of brick making industry.

How does it work with the block machine?

After the bricks and mud raw materials are pressed into bricks by their stations in turn, they are ejected from the brick outlet. And then they shall be removed immediately, and then they shall be removed immediately. So as not to affect the continuous brick discharge when the bricks in the next brick making station are moved out to the brick outlet. 

Now the status quo of the block making machine industry ? 

At present, the operation of removing the brick is carried out by manual labor. It is heavy work, high labor intensity, and poor working conditions.
So the stacking brick device is popular as soon as it is listed in the whole block making machine industry.