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What should we pay attention to when buying brick machine during epidemic period

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is now emerging in many countries, and the number of deaths worldwide is increasing. In the severe situation of the epidemic, the global economy has also been a huge impact.
Many foreign businesses will also be affected by varying degrees of economic impact, so at this time, those who intend to purchase brick making machines from China should be more cautious.
Quality problems should be put in the first place, because during the epidemic period, it is very troublesome to send engineers to repair. So the quality assurance of brick machine is very important, do your best to reduce the frequency of failure. So don't buy a brick machine from a small manufacturer in order to save a little money. That kind of brick machine often has no quality assurance, and the frequency of failure is very high. Moreover, after a failure, it is often difficult for these small manufacturers to provide timely maintenance advice, and it is even more difficult for foreign engineers. Therefore, the purchase of machinery must choose a large manufacturer with quality assurance, such as FULANG MACHINE. Machine failure rate is low, and FULANG MACHINE can also timely provide perfect after-sales service, timely help customers solve problems.
Moreover, during the epidemic period, the sea freight increased sharply. In some places, the sea freight was even higher than the price of brick making machine. It's really not easy to import a brick machine from China at this time. So we must ensure the quality of the brick making machine, never to save so little money and lose more money! 
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