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Why now a lot of small factory production of brick machine in the process of production pressure sometimes high sometimes low

 Why now a lot of small factory production of brick machine in the process of production pressure sometimes high sometimes low, brick effect is very unfavorable?
The high and low pressure in the production process is that if the pressure is not controlled well, the bricks produced will not be qualified, which will lead to the loss of the brick factory. Therefore, the brick machine pressure control in the brick production line plays a key role. So how does the brick machine achieve pressure control?
If there is too much pressure in the brick-making process, we should first check the pneumatic system and then check the solenoid valve and valve block, as the local variation in pressure will result in a significant reduction in the quality of the brick. When the pressure is too low, it may be caused by improper sensor wiring. In addition, there may be sensor damage or PLC module wiring problems. If this happens in the brick machine, please be sure to turn off the switch of the brick machine, carefully check whether there is a fault line, find out the cause of the fault, and then normal use.

Brick making machines are very good at making bricks. But how long does the brick machine last? This is a concern for many people who want to buy a brick machine. Because the longer the life of the machine, the more profit the factory will make. But it is worth paying attention that the service life of the brick machine depends on the way the brick factory is used. The service life of a brick making machine is directly related to proper maintenance. Only if the brick factory maintains the brick machine correctly, the brick block machine can last longer. It can even be used for long-term use.

The correct maintenance of the brick machine needs to pay attention to the following four points:

1, before starting the brick machine, the brick machine should be preheated, so that the machine into the normal working state.
2. After a day's work, you clean the brick machine in time.
3. When making bricks and bricks, it is necessary to keep large stones out of the raw materials.
4. Apply lubricant between the parts of the brick machine.

Only need to do the above four steps, can ensure the brick block machine in the working process run more stable, and prolong the service life of the block making machine.
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