Paver machine

Daily capacity(8 hour) : 2500~3500pcs

Machine power(KW) : 14

Shaping cycle(s) : 1900x1900x1860

Price (piece) : 

1. Host machine    2.Hydraulic station     3.
JQ350 concrete mixing machine     4. Block trolley    5.Spare parts and tools

Brief introduction
FL150T hydraulic paver machine is our newest paver block making machine and it has several advantages:
1. Pressure as high as 1500KN,paver shaped of high density,high strength and high quality.
2. The mould use precise wire cutting to reduce error and carburizing heat treatment to prolong its service life.
3. Varieties of products,such as road paver,square tiles, square brick, curbstone, lawn brick, Holland brick, Spanish brick, slope protection brick etc.Bright color,wear resistance,easy construction and widely used.
4. Four working position allows 4 person to work at the same time,realize the full use of the machine,fullfill production maximization.

Small investment, large returns,FL150T paver stone machine is the best choice for most investors.

Host machine main technology parameter
Shaping cycle 10~15s Pressure 1500KN
Host machine power 14KW Mixer model JQ350
Maximum block size 500x500x150mm Daily capacity 2500~3500pieces

Production requirement
Area 1000m2                                           Worker                                  
5~6 person                           
Workshop 50m2 Distribution power 21.5KW
Raw material store workshop 300m2 Water consumption 2Ton/day
Office 30m2 Pallet quantity 0

Paver mould
All paver below can be made by this FL150T paver block making machine,and we offer one set free mould.

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