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maquina de fazer bloco concrete block machine

1. This bloc de beton concrete block machine has sturdy structure, novel design, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance. The very classic and economical design makes this vetrocemento concrete block machine popular at home and abroad.
2. The high-pressure double crank controls the opening and closing of the mold, high vibration ensures the high density of the finished product, and the demolding synchronizer avoids damaging the cement block. It is suitable for solid bricks and bloques de cemento interlocking brick machines. The concrete curb vibration system consists of two parts, one is the upper mold vibrating box, and the motor that provides the power for the upper mold vibrating box.   
Automatic feeding, cloth, scraping, and pallet placement. Multiple rows of rakes ensure that the concrete raw materials are evenly distributed.
3. Colored pavement bricks of different shapes, hollow cement blocks and solid bricks with curb stones are produced by only one maquina de fazer bloco machine.
4. This maquina de fazer bloco de cimento machine is equipped with a drive decoupling system and an automatic stacker, which can stack 3-5 layers of blocks. This maquina de blocos machine is suitable for medium-sized block factories. Reasonable raw material ratio can produce high-strength standard bricks, which can be stacked immediately after forming.
5. Pneumatic components, electrical components, and operating components all adopt world-leading brand-name components.
6. The operation is automatic and intelligent.
①The product process of the block machine is controlled by PLC and equipped with a remote control device. For PLC control system, we usually use Japanese Mitsubishi or German Siemens brands to ensure the maquina bloquera machine is durable.
②Regarding the switch, we will use French Schneider or Chinese CHNT.
③Hydraulic components adopt well-known brands from Taiwan Yuken.