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qt8-15 automatic concrete block making machine for big production capacity

QTF8-15 fully automatic concrete block making machine is a fully automatic type block making machine. It's production capacity can reach 11520-13400 pieces per 8 hours for the big size 400*200*200mm concrete hollow blocks, further more, for the small size paver blocks 200*60*60mm, it's capacity even can reach 46080 pieces per 8 hours. why does it has so high production capacity? The first factor is it's fully automatic working models with PLC control system. It's whole production line can be controlled by one PLC control system, from material mixer to material feeding, then to block molding system and finished block stacking.  The second factor is it's short molding time, one molding time as short as 10-15s, and it assured the whole connected line can work with more fluent process. The third factor is it's big size molding area. It can reach 936*880mm and it's pallet size is 980*900mm. 
It's vibration force can reach 60-80KN because it adopts hydraulic molding system with a big hydraulic station. So the block it produced has higher strength. And the block mold can be replaced to produce different kinds of blocks. Besides, we adopt high technical line cutting technology to make the brick mold, so it can confirm the precision of brick size.

qt8-15 automatic concrete block making machine