FL10-15 mobile cement brick making machine

Daily capacity(8 hour) : 14000pcs

Machine power(KW) : 18.6

Shaping cycle(s) : 10-15s

Price (piece) : 

mobile cement brick making machine
Main advantage of this moving cement brick machine

FL10-15 is an automatic mobile block making machine, it has the following advantages
♦ 1. No need pallets
This machine is an egg laying type block making machine, it can produce the block directly on the ground, no need pallets for the block.
 2. Mobile 
This machine is mobile with four wheels, and at the end of one production cycle, it will move to another place to start a new cycle.
 3. Advanced forming technology 
Hydraulic pressure forming technology is adopted by this machine, which is different from the ordinary vibration forming technology.  It ensures that the direction of force is more accurate and the pressure is more uniform. So the blocks produced with higher strength and better performance.
 4. Imported key components
Our key components are imported from the world famous brand factory, like the Siemens motor from Germany, Mitsubishi control system from Japan, Schneider electronic components from French, and so on.
 5. Multifunction 
This machine can produce different kinds of hollow blocks and solid blocks just by changing different customizable molds.

Host machine main technology parameter
Shaping cycle 10~15s Vibration foce 50KN
Host machine power 18.6KW Mixer model JZC500
Pallet size no need pallet Rated pressure 16~25Mpa

Production requirement
Area 3000m2                                           Worker                                   
3~4 person                            
Concrete ground
2000m2 Distribution power 50KW
Raw material store workshop 600m2 Water consumption 10Ton/day

Block samples this machine produced 
Tip: The block shape is customizable according to your requirement.
hollow block and curbstone samples this machine can produce
Customer visiting 
Since the establishment of our factory in 1999, more than 2,000 foreign customers have visited our factory. They always have a great picture in mind of our company from their visit. As the saying goes, nothing is like the seeing with his own eyes. Please feel free to visit our factory.
customers visiting from all over the world


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