Hollow block machine

Daily capacity(8 hour) : 8000pcs

Machine power(KW) : 11.2

Shaping cycle(s) : 2550x2200x1750


Full line components

1. Host machine    2. 0.8T loader    3. JZC350 mixing plant

Brief introduction

     FL6-30 Concrete mobile hollow block machine is improved on the basis of german advanced techonoly,it has great advantages as follow:

1. FL6-30 Automatic brick laying machine using box excitation and hydraulic discharge to fullfill fast and even material feeding and block forming.The bricks it produced have high density, high strength, accurate dimension, good appearance.

2. High quality steel,precision welding,high-quality hydraulic components,all these make this automatic brick machine have a longer life and less fault during work.

3. Omnidirectional automatically movement achieved by hydraulic gear,easy to move.

4. No need pallet,saving lots of investment compared to other stationary hollow block machine.

5. Material feeding automatic,pressing automatic,moving automatic.Higher efficiency than manual machine,easier operation than big production line.

6. Could use crushed stone, sand, cement, dust and coal fly ash, cinder, slag, gangue, gravel, perlite,and other industrial wastes for concrete brick manufacturing.

Host laying machine main technology parameter
Shaping cycle 20~25s Vibration foce 35.5KN
Host machine power 11.2KW Mixer model JZC350
Pallet size no need pallet Rated pressure 7.5~14Mpa

Production requirement
Area 2000m2                                           Worker                                  
3~4 person                           
Concrete ground
1200m2 Distribution power 40KW
Raw material store workshop 600m2 Water consumption 6Ton/day
Office 60m2 Pallet quantity 0

Theoretical production capacity
Block size(L*W*H)mm Block type  Picture Pcs/Mould  Pcs/8 hour
400x150x200 Hollow block  7  9000
400x200x200 Hollow block  6  8000

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