FL2-25A interlocking bricks making machine

Daily capacity(8 hour) : 5200 Pcs/8 hours

Machine power(KW) : 5.5KW

Shaping cycle(s) : 10-15s

Price (piece) : 

interlocking brick making machine
Machine description
1 FL2-25A interlocking bricks making machine is updated from FL1-25,it can make 2 pcs per mould and can be equipped as a production line with soil crusher,soil sieve,mixer,conveyor belt and host machine.
2 This machine is simple in structure and easy to operate, it can be easily operated by one or two person. So you can start your career with very little labor.
3 Adopt hydraulic pressure technology, so the machine can produce smooth, strong, beautiful and high quality bricks.
4 This machine can produce different bricks by change molds, and the molds is easy to change by yourself.
5 The interlocking bricks can be locked together, so the building is very sturdy and safe.

Parameters of the machine:
Dimension 1400x800x1605mm Pcs/mould 2pcs/mould
Shaping cycle 10-15s Weight 500kg
Motor power 5.5kw Capacity 5200pcs/8hr
Pressure 16mpa Mold changing Available
Method Hydraulic pressure Block type Interlocking earth brick

Block samples
Compressed earth clay interlocking brick making machine can be produced various interlocking bricks by changing mould, what's more, we can supply special mould according to your requirement. You can contact our company and tell us your requirement, we will try our best to solve your problems.
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