QTF40-2C cement hollow block machine

Daily capacity(8 hour) : 2400-3000 pieces/8 hours

Machine power(KW) : 8.8KW

Shaping cycle(s) : 40s

Price (piece) : 

  concrete block making machine
Brief introduction
1) The mould adopts precise wire cuttiong technology to reduce error and carburzing heat treatment technology to prolong its sergvice life. 
2) QTF40-2C cement hollow block machine use three vibration system,which is can keep better quality with low-power,add one motor,8.8KW in total. 
3) Guide pillar can keep machine move more easy and special structure can give products more pressure when vibrating 
4) We use control box to operate machine,it’s let our machine much more easy to use 
5) QTF40-2C can produce many kinds of hollow bricks, solid bricks and paver just by changing the moulds.

Host machine main technology parameter
Shaping cycle 40s Vibration foce 30KN
Host machine power 8.8KW Mixer model JQ350
Pallet size 850x450x30mm Certification CE&ISO

Production requirement
Area 1000m2                                           Worker                                   
2~3 person                            
Workshop 50m2 Distribution power 16.3KW
Raw material store workshop 300m2 Water consumption 2Ton/day
Office 30m2 Pallet quantity 600

Block sample
This machine can produce different types of bricks by changing the mold. The picture below shows the transformation of this machine. In addition, we can also customize special molds according to customer requirements.concrete block machine block samples
block making machine customer visiting
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