QTF40-3A egg laying block making machine

Daily capacity(8 hour) : 2880~3840 Pieces/8 hours

Machine power(KW) : 6.7KW

Shaping cycle(s) : 30-40s

Price (piece) : 

 egg laying block making machine
Brief introduction
1. Mobile block laying machine can produce different hollow blocks and solid blocks by changing the mold. It is easy to change the mold.
2. This cement block making machine adopts vibration forming technology to produce good quality blocks.
3. The hollow concrete blocks machine has three wheels, and the operator can move the machine by controlling the switch, saving time and effort.
4. The egg production method not only has high productivity, but also does not require a tray, so the investment is low.
5. The machine is simple to operate and requires only two workers to produce the blocks.

Host machine main technology parameter
                Overall size     
Shaping cycle 30~40s Vibration foce 35.5KN
Host machine power 6.7KW Mixer model JQ350
Pallet size no need pallet Certification CE&ISO

Production requirement
Area 1500m2                                           Worker                                   
2~3 person                            
Concrete ground 500m2 Distribution power 7KW
Raw material store workshop 300m2 Water consumption 2~3Ton/day
Office 30m2 Pallet quantity 0

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