FL2-10 Compressed earth block machine

Daily capacity(8 hour) : 5760pcs

Machine power(KW) : 7.5

Machine size(mm) : 1850x900x2050

Shaping cycle(s) : 13

FOB price(USD) : 



Full line components:

1. Host machine    2. Control box    3. Conveyor belt(6 meters)    4. JQ350 soil mixer    5. Conveyor belt(4 meters)    6. Soil Screen                      7. Soil Crusher

Brief introduction

       FL2-10 automatic compressed earth block machine is our latest model improved on the basis of FL1-10 hydraulic block making machine,as our best selling earth block machine line,it has the follwing outstanding features:

1. Automatic operation of material feeding,mould pressing and mould lifting.

2. Making 2 bricks at one time,and shaping cycle only 6~7 seconds,so the daily capacity as high as 9000 pieces.

3. Hydraulic pressure 21Mpa,so the blocks produced are of good quality, large density and high strength.

4. All mould use precise wire cutting and carburizing heat treatment to prolong its service life.The machine frame is made of special thick steel and using special welding techniques.The whole machine is strong and durable.

5. Capable of producing all kinds of earth block,simply by changing the mould.By adjusting the screws,the height of the brick can be changed.

      FL2-10 earth block machine can be easily operated by 2~3 person,and it has been widely used in African countries.

Host machine main technology parameter
Shaping cycle 13s Pressure
Host machine power 7.5KW Mixer model JQ350
5760Pcs/8 hours Maximum block size 300x150x100mm
Pieces/Mould 2 Voltage Adopts to local voltage

Production requirement
Area 1600m2                                           Worker                                  
4~5 person                           
Workshop 100m2 Distribution power 20.85KW
Raw material store workshop 400m2 Water consumption 4Ton/day
Office 60m2 Curing area 1000m2

Brick Moulds
FL1-10 is capable of making all kinds of brick below,and we offer one set free mould.