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Hydraulic system and hydraulic brick machine working principle

 For the brick making machine, in addition to the pure manual brick making machine, it can be mainly divided into hydraulic technical brick machine and vibration forming brick machine according to the forming technology. The following is a detailed introduction to the hydraulic system and a description of the working principle of the hydraulic brick machine.
hydraulic block making machine
M7MI mobile hydraulic block making machine

The hydraulic system is a mechanical function that acts through hydraulic pressure. In hydraulic-based systems, mechanical motion is generated by the pumped liquid contained therein, typically by moving the cylinders of the piston. According to the different molding structures, the block forming machine is divided into a hydraulic block forming machine and a mechanical block forming machine. Hydraulic machines can produce a variety of bricks by changing different molds. It is mainly designed into bricks by hydraulic transmission. It has the advantages of low noise and large output. It is widely used in buildings, squares, roads, parks and other buildings.
hydraulic hollow block machine
QTF4-15 automatic hydraulic hollow block machine

As one of the leading manufacturing and exporting companies in China, we produce hydraulic concrete block forming machines for the production of concrete solid blocks, concrete hollow blocks and interlocking paving slabs. Our product range is the most prestigious price on the market, especially in Africa and Asia. Our company FULANG is a leading manufacturer and exporter of hydraulic block forming machines, such as fully automatic, concrete block forming machines, hydraulic block forming machines, automatic block machines, hydraulically operated hydraulic block forming machines.
soil interlocking brick making machine
FL2-25B soil interlocking brick plant machine

In order to help customers purchase high-performance concrete block making machines, customers should pay attention to the following points before purchasing. Pay attention to the quality of the hydraulic system and the forming mold. The quality of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic valves has a major impact on the hydraulic system, so customers should pay attention to their quality. Siemens motors that meet international standards always have high quality and good performance. In addition, it is best for customers not to use a molding die made of ordinary steel without any treatment. No one can guarantee that they are of good quality. Once the mold repair time is short, the customer must change the mold frequently. However, carbonized molding dies have a long service life and will increase efficiency and save money for customers in the long run.