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5 Selling point of Fulang block machine

Based on the continuous absorption of the advanced technology at home and abroad,Fulang block machine constantly meets the requirements of customers from all over the world,enjoys high reputation in the  domestic and foreign construction industry.

Five main reasons why Fulang brand block machines make best selling:

1.Concrete brick machine doesn't have high demand on production conditions.Simple shed could be the workshop,open storage of bricksno need warehouse,need for skilled work is low.

2.Investment can be large or small.It can start from a small amount of mold small investment, but also can be directly produced on a large scale, can be produced in a fixed place, but also can be moved to produce.

3.Wide use. Change the mould can produce hollow block, solid block,perforated brick, paver,curbstone,road side stone,grass planting brick,slope protection brick etc..

4.The brick making machine is made of high precision, high strength casting and special welding techniques and materials, which are of good rigidity, vibration resistance and long service life.Mold material selects carburizing heat treatment of wear-resistant materials,has one or two years longer life than ordinary mould.

5.The electric system can choose the imported colorful touch screen and the programmable controller PLC, the control system can include the safety logic control and the fault diagnosis system.